The (very) Long Tail of my father

Photo posted by Virgin Radio Lebanon

No, he wasn’t a monkey, but it’s great to see that his contribution to nature in the Netherlands still manages to turn heads. A few days ago one of my best friends commented my name on a Facebook post by Virgin Radio Lebanon. The post was about an ecoduct, a wildlife crossing over the motorway. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the post had more than 50.000 likes. Of course I had to do the trifecta (like, comment & share) myself.

My father was one of the people who championed the building of these ‘wildviaducten’ in The Netherlands. After he died in 1991 I thought his contribution to Dutch ecology policy could never be as great as I had thought. When the ecoduct crossing the A1 near Kootwijk was named after him I realised that his contributions were maybe even more impressive than I had thought. You can probably guess that I’m still very proud of him. Next time you drive under the ecoduct below, maybe you’ll think of him as well… 🙂

The 'Harm E. van de Veen Ecoduct'
The ‘Harm E. van de Veen Ecoduct’
A headshot of Marnix


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