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New, but why?


Picture of a coffee mug saying "begin"If you are a/the regular visitor to this site, you’ll notice a new design, and might wonder why that is. Maybe you even think the previous one looked better. There is a single technical reason for the change, but it comes with quite a long story. Once upon a time, in 2001, I bought the domain rnix.nl, mostly to get my e-mail address (m at rnix dot nl). And then you get the possibility to host a site as well. So it began. I think I started at Blogger, followed by self-hosted WordPress, SquareSpace and now self-hosted WordPress again.


When I moved to SquareSpace, it was to get rid of the constant updating of the site. Every time I logged in to my WordPress site I had to update. SquareSpace offered great themes and hassle-free websites for a reasonable ~ €100 a year. However, over the years, SquareSpace has become more of a site for e-commerce sites than personal blogs, making it harder to bang out a quick post. That meant I was posting less and less. So here we go, trying the WordPress thing again. Have a tip for a better cms? Let me know!

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