Technology becomes interesting when it starts to touch people. Whether it rubs them the right or the wrong way, it's always fascinating to see my family and friends respond to new technology. For starters I'll post three stories about my personal history with technology. They're about music (yay, posted!), computers and tennis.

My blog posts about technology

Tools - Text Expansion

This is the first post in my ‘tools’ series, where I will share how I use (digital) tools. Read more about Text Expansion.

Permanent Beta Day 4

June 30th I visited Permanent Beta Day 4. You should be there next time! Read on to find out why...

World Travel Gear part II - Electronics

What are the electronics you need/want on a big trip? Read this post to find out!

World Travel Gear part I - Bags, Clothes and stuff

Are you going on a (big) trip? Wandering about the do’s and don’ts of packing? Make use of our experience