∞ The iPad launch – from a Microsoft perspective

iPad is 10! They grow up so fast!

I love Steven Sinofsky‘s Tweetstorms. He used to be a big honcho at Microsoft, and now he writes with a nice openness about the things that happened there. He collects the tweets on his Medium-page, which you should follow.

The last article was about the iPad launch and the responses at Microsoft HQ. The best part:

The first looks and reviews a bit later were just endless (and now tiresome) commentary on how the iPad was really for “consumption” and not productivity. There were no files. No keyboard. No mouse. No overlapping windows. Can’t write code!

In a literally classically defined case of disruption, iPad didn’t do those things but what it did, it did so much better not only did people prefer it but they changed what they did in order to use it. Besides, email was the most used tool and iPad was great for that.

The whole thread is well worth a read.

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