∞ A great look into the mind of Dieter Rams

Fast Co Design has a great interview with Dieter Rams. It’s a great insight into his way of thinking and what he thinks our priorities should be. I love this quote about the importance of good design.

You have to think carefully in advance about what you’re making and how you will make it, because for both architecture and industrial design, the cost of changing things afterward is much higher than the cost of better preparation.

This is not just true for design, but for every creative endeavour where there is something to be produced. Even when you publish a website, you will never get a second chance at that first impression…

His last words in the interview are enlightening as well.

That’s why, if I had something to do in this world again, I would not want to be a designer. Because I believe, in the future, it will be less important to have many things and more important to exercise care about where and how we live.

I just wish he would say what he would have been instead…

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